Turn Your Customers Into Your Members

Create and manage a unique membership for your retail business.

How does it work?

We have the tools to start a membership program that runs itself.

Create a Membership

Something simple, like a daily cup of coffee. Then, set a membership price that works for you and your customers.

Manage Members

Onboard new members in a simple interface customized for your business. Collect customer information that will enhance your business.

Log Orders & Purchases

Members enter billing information once, and become regular customers. Track usage and add extras to their bill with the click of a button.

A membership model that works for everyone.

A concept in which everyone wins. In a successful membership, business owners include high-margin, high-volume items or services at a discounted price to build a base of loyal returning customers.

Learn more about your business.

Folks provides data on the habits and preferences of your members.

Shed light on your everyday business operations, with extra layers of data.

Take the guesswork out of buying products, and planning for the future of your business. Know the key habits of your members, their usage, their lifetime value, and how it affects the overall financial health of your business.

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Watch your member network grow with built-in engagement features.

Create a compelling referral program. Use built-in advanced dunning processes. Design revenue generating email receipts to cross sell products.

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Operate anywhere with totally responsive admin, staff and member dashboards.

Fully mobile cloud-based software solutions, accessible anywhere with access levels tailored to your business’s needs - see real time data and activity from any device.

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Explore Folks Features

Folks provides everything you need to run a successful membership program.

We handle all of your payments, inbound and outbound, so you don't have to.

Secure and encrypted customer transactions occur without the need for hardware, with all merchant processing and credit card fees included in Folks’ comprehensive payment plans. Deposits are made directly to your bank account daily.

Capture additional sales from regular customers with one tap.

Upload your business’ full product offerings to the point of sale library, and easily add any one of these charges to member accounts.

Limitless Variants

Create an unlimited library of extras - track details about each order like flavors and sizes, and add upcharges for enhanced options.


Price any product with any discount. Create member incentives to shop outside of their subscription offerings.

Easily add and remove new team members to your business dashboard.

Use individual staff logins to measure and track productivity. Staff accounts include only the information your team needs to facilitate transactions, without sharing sensitive business analytics or customer information.

Understand the performance of your subscription business at any moment.

Know where you stand on member sign-ups, cancellations, and monthly recurring revenue.

Get Granular

Track members’ favorite products and favorite times to visit.

Anticipate Cash Flow

Understand your flow of products to project monthly cost of goods.

Put customer service in their hands.

A dynamic member dashboard allows customers to sign up, pause their account, and cancel subscriptions with ease. Additional features include a personalized link for referral points, a direct line of communication for questions, and billing and contact information updates.

Order and pay with the app: coming soon!

Members receive access to the full published product library. Placing orders for subscription products, reordering favorites, and adding on additional charges will be even easier, as the app puts the purchasing in the hands of your customers.